Virus Block Luxury Pocket Spring Mattress.  With the arrival to the world of the Covid-19 virus, many things in life have changed, from the way we go about our day to day lives to how we care for our health and hygiene at home. Simple things like disinfecting our hands by washing or using alcohol gel and keeping our mouths covered in busy areas are now part of daily practice, these measures help to stop a virus from entering into our system by removing them from our hands or trapping them in masks so they can not enter our system.

Virus Block Luxury Pocket Spring Mattress Yorkshire Linen Beds & More Mijas Marbella OG01
Virus Block Luxury Pocket Spring Mattress – Yorkshire Linen Beds & More, Mijas & Marbella.

Virus Block Luxury Pocket Spring Mattress

Safety for you, safety for your guests.  It’s safe to say that this type of anti-viral technology will become increasingly invaluable – especially in the hotel, guest house & rental property, etc. markets – as it ensures the health and hygiene of whoever is using the mattress as well as for peace of mind in your own home.

We know that these type of viruses and bacteria can happily live on fabrics so our new VIRUS BLOCK MATTRESS incorporates  HeiQ’s silver & vesicle technology: the silver technology attracts the oppositely charged viruses and binds permanently to their sulfur groups. Subsequently, the fatty spherical vesicle technology (Liposomes) helps to deplete the viral membrane of its cholesterol content in minutes, therefore the silver can destroy the virus rapidly.

A High Quality, Extra-Comfy Mattress with Virus Block

The VIRUS BLOCK MATTRESS is outstanding in both comfort and design using a combination of independent pocket springs which offer support and adaptability along with 2 layers of quilted foam and a cap of hypoallergenic fibre which guarantees to alleviate pressure points and adapt to the contours of the body to give maximum support where it is needed. The final outside covering is the HeiQ Viroblock technology that gives complete hygiene to the mattress.

HeiQ Viroblock Virus Block Luxury Pocket Spring Mattress
HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03 is an intelligent Swiss textile technology, Yorkshire Linen Beds & More.

HeiQ Viroblock is designed to inhibit the growth and persistence of bacteria and enveloped viruses on textile surfaces. It’s a unique combination of our registered silver technology for antiviral and antibacterial effect and our vesicle technology as a booster.

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    HEIQ ViroBlock Virus Block Luxury Pocket Spring Mattress

    You can read more about HeiQ Viroblock here,

    Virus Block Mattress Details

    • Mattress Height 29cm
    • Medium Firmness
    • All sizes available from 80x180cm to 180x200cm.


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