The highly breathable, stretch fabric on this mattresses provides a continuous flow of air that allows the mattress to be always well aerated and in good condition, as a result we obtain a mite-free and moisture-free mattress . This fabric is super soft and high strength.

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Pikolin Borgoña Quilted Cover Mattress


Borgoña Quilted Cover Mattress

The Borgoña Mattress from Pikolin has a quilted cover and 3cm of memory foam which helps support the body giving a comfortable night’s sleep.

A sprung soft/medium mattress that offers a high level of comfort at a very reasonable price.


  • Antibacterial
  • Memory foam
  • Height: 24cm


Available Mattress Sizes

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Mattress Firmness Rating


Beds & More - Mattress Firmness Rating 2

‘Not sure about the firmness?  See our Mattress Firmness Guide!


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