Versalles is a medium to firm sprung mattress from Pikolin.  Versalles is covered with a ventilated stretch soft touch quilted fabric and features memory foam for extra comfort allowing to contour the bodies pressure points giving a peaceful night’s sleep.

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Pikolin Versalles Mattress


Pikolin Versalles Mattress

The Versailles mattress has the Multifirmex System spring system with lumbar reinforcement, it is the same spring system as the Pikolin Normablock, the Temper treatment to which the spring block is subjected avoids the micro-cracks derived from use and favors elasticity . This mattress has perimeter reinforcement for longer duration.

Its difference with the other Pikolin mattresses is in the padding, it is a mixture of fibers, latex and viscoelastic flakes that gives it a characteristic comfort of the good mattresses of a lifetime, but with the most modern materials in the quilts. The natural fiber cushions that facilitate the ventilation of the mattress, preventing moisture condensation, also influence the rest.

With the Pikolin Versailles mattress you will never have problems with the mites thanks to its Total Anti-Mite Barrier , which also never loses effectiveness due to its composition.

The outer fabric is bielastic strech, a super soft and highly ventilated fabric.

In the lanterns there are 4 handles to facilitate the turns and turns that must be done to the mattress.

Mattress height of 27 cm.

As you know, it is advisable to rotate the mattresses every three months so that they have a long life and homogeneous wear, as well as the use of a protective cover or mattress cover.




  • Triple barrier – anti dust mite, anti fungal & antibacterial
  • Memory foam
  • Handles for easy turning
  • Height: 27cm

Mattress Manufacturer:  Pikolin


Available Mattress Sizes

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Mattress Firmness Rating

Beds & More - Mattress Firmness Rating 4

‘Not sure about the firmness?  See our Mattress Firmness Guide!


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